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The SHIELD Against Bullying program was designed and developed by two of the founders of MuSool Hapkido - Shelby Creech and Brian Stanton. Both Shelby and Brian have experience working with youth through their martial arts classes, but they also have experience developed through their previous careers.

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Program Founders:

Brian Stanton
After graduating from UNF with his degree in Elementary Education, Brian began his career working at the Domestic Abuse Council in Daytona Beach, Florida. He served as program coordinator for the Hugs and Love and Teens Against Violence programs, delivering violence prevention classes in the Volusia County school system. Later, Brian moved on to teach elementary school for the Florida Public Schools.

Brian later worked with Shelby to co-found MuSool Academy of Martial Arts in 2001.

Shelby Creech
Shelby, after earning his Psychology degree from the University of North Florida, worked as a counselor on the Mental Health Unit at Orange Park Medical Center.  He went on to do Mental Health Evaluations in the Emergency Room of the same hospital.

Later, Shelby transferred to Clay County Mental Health where he worked for a short time as a Children Targeted Mental Health Case Manager before transferring to the Juvenile Justice Unit where he was a counselor for juvenile repeat offenders.

Shelby moved back to the Port Orange area in 2000 and co-founded MuSool Academy of Martial Arts in 2001.